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The Anti-Spam Email System used by Pure Energy uses multi-level filtration to weed out the good emails from the bad.

The system analyses and filters both incoming email and attachments in a variety of ways, including:

  • Formal attributes: sender address, recipient address, sender's IP address, size, format etc.
  • Search for words and phrases typically used by Spammers.
  • SpamTest™ technology: a unique linguistic kernel compares incoming mail against sample spam signatures. The database of lexical signatures is updated every two hours!
  • Realtime Black Lists: the system filters email by officially blacklisted addresses and can also use local black and white lists created by you.
  • Analysis of graphics.
  • Detection of atypical spammer tricks: HTML tags, invisible text, etc.
Although the system employs some of the very latest detection methods as explained above, it is impossible for any system to filter 100% of Spam emails 100% of the time.
One reason for this is because a Spammer has to start somewhere with a new account at sometime. It is not until systems have detected either abnormal activity or obvious Spam emanating from their account that actions can be taken against it, ie: through blacklisting.
Also, Spammers have a very devious way of getting around some of the systems designed to stop their messages. One of the most widely used techniques is for them to use legitimate email addresses as the 'senders' address so that systems scanning incomming emails assume that they are genuine.
When this technique has been employed and a Spammer is using your email address, you may notice that you suddenly start receiving a huge amount of 'Failed to Deliver Email' messages or Mailer-Daemons as they are known. For more information about this, see both:
Spam can also increase periodically, for example you could find that one week you seem to get loads of Spam in past your protection, but another week hardly any at all. This is often due to the way Spammers move themselves physically from one connection to another. Very often Spammers can be involved in other unsavory activities and are therefore often in a cat and mouse hide and seek game with their local law enforcement. As the 'heat rises' they will go to ground and wait for the coast to clear again... their activities will then start up again before disappearing....again!
Although Anti-Spam filters are very good, particularly the system that Pure Energy uses, no system can offer complete 100% reliability due to the reasons outlined (and many other reasons). However we do work hard to ensure that as much Spam is filtered from your email as possible and that we are constantly looking at new ways to combat this menace.

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