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Pure Energy Multimedia has been involved with online marketing and search engine optimisation for many years.

We have had considerable success in placing our clients webites in high ranking positions in Google, MSN, Yahoo and many other search engines.

Our Service
We offer a web promotion service whereby we will submit your website to the major search engines and engineer your site on a monthly basis to attract more visitors and increase traffic from the search engines. We make no promises on the results as we are obviously unable to control the search engines but we can demonstrate our past success...

type haverhill, alloy racing tanks or pure energy and you'll see we have number one placement for a google 'web' search.

We charge for this service by the hour. For 45 we will spend one hour per month working on your site and promoting it to the search engines using a number of different methods that we have developed. There is no minimum contract period; if you're not happy with the results you can cancel at any time.

There is often a set-up fee which could range from £45 to £360 depending on the amount of work invovled in engineering your site towards the search engines. This needs to be quoted on an individual basis.

To take advantage of this service, your website must be hosted with us.

It's a well known fact that websites with changing content gain a better position in the search engines. This is because the search engines consider these sites to be more 'up-to-date'. SiteWise is a content management system designed to allow non-technical users to create, edit and update web content in a matter of minutes. All you need to use the system is an internet connection and a web browser. No technical knowledge is required - if you can fill in a form you can manage your website. [More Info]

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