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Q I have lost my Broadband connection!

This is a very common occurrence and can happen much more frequently the further away your property is from the BT exchange providing your Broadband line.

The most common reason for a drop in Broadband service is due to your Router or Modem 'crashing' or 'dropping out'. To fix this problem, simply switch off or remove the power lead from the back of your Modem or Router and wait approximately 60 seconds for the unit to reset itself. Then simply switch back on or plug the power back in and you should be in business!

It may take up to a minute or so for your connection to come back to life and you can normally see what is happening by checking the lights on the front of the device. If the Connection or DSL light illuminates, this shows that there is at least a connection and that Broadband is present.

 Most Routers in particular have the following LED's/lights:

    • An Activity light - often just called ACT - shows activity on line
    • Network light - often just called LAN - shows usage across a network
    • Connection light - often just called DSL - shows that Broadband is working.



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