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Pure Energy can supply you with a combined Anti-Spam / Anti-Virus email account*.
It basically does exactly what is says - it protects your computer from viruses and your sanity from Spam!
You will find that as soon as you advertise an email address on the Internet, the amount of Spam that you receive can increase ten fold, making this sort of account very useful indeed to website owners. The good thing about the Anti-Virus system is that it removes viruses from Spam emails (and non-Spam email) before they even reach your PC - your computer never comes into contact with the virus!
This is unlike Anti-Virus software that runs on your PC - this kind of software can only really detect email viruses once they have actually infected your computer!
As a bonus, this email account also provides you with the facility to read and reply to any messages online via a comprehensive Webmail system - your Webmail account can be accessed from anywhere in the world on any computer - just log-in using your Username and Password.
*If you prefer, you can opt to have either Spam protection on it's own or indeed Virus protection on it's own.

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