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Q Why can I not retrieve my emails?

There is a number of reason why you are unable to receive emails, here is a list of the most frequent problems:

  • No Internet Access - although many people think that the Internet and email are two completely separate things, you need to have an Internet connection to be able to receive emails. Check to make sure that you have Internet access by opening Internet Explorer and visiting a webpage that you have never been to - for example go to www.google.co.uk and do a search for 'sweets' or anything out of the ordinary and see if you can visit one of the sites in the 'found list'. To see what to do when you don't have any access, click here.
  • Incorrect Settings - from time to time, it is possible for your email setting to become corrupted or maybe someone has changed them by mistake. To check your email settings click on Tools in Outlook and Outlook Express and then select Email Accounts. Within this area you should be able to check all the individual settings required for email - basically you need a Username, a Password and two Server addresses - one POP3 server and one SMTP server. Check to make sure that these four settings are the same as your original paperwork!
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