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Our in-house digital video production suite can be used to create any kind of video presentation from demonstration videos to corporate promotional videos.

We can arrange to shoot the footage directly onto high-end DV tape. We specialise in conference recording and presentation recording whereby we will record your presentation, using one or more cameras, and then edit it at our studio into a DVD presentation.

Video for a range of media ...
Pure Energy specialises in creating video content for use across a range of media. Whether you need a broadcast quality DVD format, a PC or MAC compatible video file or a universal web streaming format, we have the technical ability to provide the right format for all your requirements.

The showreel now playing demonstrates the range of projects we have undertaken. For detailed information on some of these projects, see the case studies listed below.

format conversion
We can take existing video footage from VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, Beta, Video 8 and Hi-8. Although the usual end-format is DVD, we can also create versions of the video that can be played from CD-ROM in a number of formats including AVI and MPEG, as well as in Flash Video for streaming on the Internet.

The number of video effects at your disposal are endless. Here's just a few: Picture in Picture Video Titling (any font, any size, any position, shadowed, italic, bold ...) Fade in - Fade Out, Blue Screen, 3D Cubed Imaging, 3D Wipes, Page Turn, Slab Flip, Artistic Effects - Water Colours, Pixelation ...

Our in-house, MIDI recording studio has all of the facilities required to record voice-overs and sound-effects to a full musical score. Royalty free music is available to use as a background for your presentation, or we can create something original to match the style of your video. Some of the equipment available in the recording studio - Soundtracs Topaz 64 channel mixing desk, Behringer 16 channel digital desk, Akai Digital Multitrack Recorder, Digital & Analogue Synths, Effects Processors, Samplers, Drum Machines, DAT & DCC Recorders, PC Sequencing & Digital Mastering.

For more information regarding our Video Production facilities, contact us by phone or send us an email ...

case studies :

Herma 400 - 3D Animation

Risk & Safety Solutions - Corporate Video

Mega Electronics - Demonstration Video

Running Time : 3m 35s
Format : DVD Video & Web Streaming

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