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Our fully equipped MIDI recording studio is based around a Soundtraks Topaz 64 channel mixing desk and an Akai DR8 digital multitrack system. It is more than capable of producing everything from vocal recordings and sound effects to full musical compositions for use in video and media productions.

Vocal Recording - Telephone Messages
We have considerable experience in recording voice messages for use in automated telephone messaging systems. Using 'close mike' techniques and superior quality Sennheiser microphones, we are able to produce hiqh quality voice messages that will be clear and easily understood by the caller. The recordings can be compressed to reduce the dynamic range and finally supplied on CD-ROM for loading into your telephone system. We are happy to work with your 'vocal talent' or supply a voice for you.

Telephone - On-Hold Music
We can produce contemporary music to suit your company image for use whilst your customers are on hold. We can even produce 'on-hold adverts' that can convey to your customers an overview of your services and products. We have a range of 'stock' music that is available for royalty free use.

Sound Effects & Media Music
We possess a large library of sound effects, atmospheres and music that has been created in our studio; this is available for royalty free use in your video productions, digital presentations, websites or computer games.

Media Converstions & Sound Restoration
Our studio is equipped with early and contemporary recording equipment. This allows us to convert recordings made on older equipment into new formats or converge recordings between normally incompatible formats. We also have the facility to restore old recordings, removing pops, crackle, hiss etc. We can even salvage recordings from damaged media. We can convert recordings between any of the following media :

  • Vinyl - 45, 33.3 & 78 rpm
  • Compact Cassette
  • 1/4" Open Reel Tape
  • 8-Track Cartridges
  • Digital Compact Cassette (DCC)
  • Digital Audio Tape (DAT)
  • Mini-Disc
  • Compact Disc (CD, CD-R & CD-R/W)
  • Digital Versatile Disc (DVD)
  • Syquest 270Mb Cartridge
  • Digital Formats - WAV, MP3 (Variable & Fixed Bitrates) 

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26-09-2006 - Ryder Cup Hosting Triumph for Pure Energy

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